Gerald Slota, "Untitled (girl w/ cookie cutter in rope)", 2000, one-of-a-kind unique gelatin silver print.

Gerald Slota, “Untitled (girl w/ cookie cutter in rope)”, 2000, one-of-a-kind unique gelatin silver print.

Gerald Slota

Slota’s manipulated and deeply layered gelatin silver prints carefully balance difficult and confrontational imagery. His pictures, jumping off from everyday scenes of home and family awaken something menacing prowling behind and can convey multiple story layers and interpretations.

Ambiguous recollections of childhood, quiet dramas, absence, and sometimes shocking stills, Slota’s fragmented scenes might move the viewer into a distorted space, recalling events too disturbing to comprehend with clarity. But these images are fictional creations, based not on any specific real event. More than a communion with the past, Slota’s imagined scenarios allow the viewer to respond to memory and the slippery territory where the imagination overrules fact. His process – he cuts, punctures, scratches, draws on, distorts, and layers his photographs – mimics the way in which one can disfigure one’s own interpretation of the past, and how time, distance, and our own subconscious can further obscure the view, disconnecting us to what may or may not have ever happened. His work suggests experiences and emotions that overtime have been barricaded behind our own filters. Real, unreal, and uncertain, the facts are not what matter here. Slota’s scenes, while seemingly unreachable and dense, provide a space for the viewer to acknowledge the darker recesses of the past and the present and to revisit that which we have cast aside, that which we have tried to forget, to ignore, and leave behind, but that which can consume us still.

Gerald Slota lives and works in the New Jersey. Ricco/Maresca represents and shows his work in NYC. Additionally. Mr. Slota has had shows at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College in Florida, San Francisco Camerawork, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, the Katonah Museum of Art, the Newark Museum, and the Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto.  His work frequently appears in the New York Times Magazine, and has been published in Discover, Blindspot, the New Yorker, Aperture, the Art of the X-Files, and American Photography. Slota has been awarded the Mid-Atlantic Fellowship Grant from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, a Polaroid 20×24” Grant, and a MacDowell Artist Residency.