Forest McMullin, Deer April 16, 2005", 2005, archival pigment print.

Forest McMullin, Deer April 16, 2005″, 2005, archival pigment print.

Forest McMullin

For those who drive to work or spend any time in the car, the sight of animals killed by passing traffic is probably commonplace. That sight may elicit reactions ranging from exclamations of horror, revulsion, and sadness to hardly any notice. The project, “At the Edge”, examines road kill in unexpected ways.

These photographs can be viewed on a number of different levels. Many of them are very close-up and become abstract compositions dealing with light, form, color, and texture. They can be seen as something like wildlife photography, with an appreciation of the beauty of the natural world. At some point, however, the viewer is forced to confront the fact that these animals are dead- they have all been killed in a violent and arbitrary way as their world literally collides with man’s. At that moment, the experience of the photographs is transformed into a strange mutation of wildlife photography as the fact of their condition allows us to see them in ways that could never happen if they were alive.

Forest McMullin (Rochester, NY) is a commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer whose images have appeared in the advertising and corporate materials of numerous Fortune 500 companies and in dozens of magazines, both nationally and internationally. His documentary projects cover a wide range of subject matter including a hairdressers’ convention in Ft. Worth, TX; environmental portraits of American women in the workplace; the white supremacist movement in Pennsylvania; and a controversial nuclear waste dump in rural New York amongst others. Since 2004 he has increasingly focused on his personal work and has received solo exhibitions at the Buffalo Museum of Science and the Williams Insalco Gallery. His work has also been included in group shows at the George Eastman House, the Everson Museum of Art, the Nationalities Cultural Palace in Beijing, China, and the LA Center for Digital Art in Los Angeles and he has received grants from Eastman Kodak and Bronica. McMullin has taught workshops at the Light Work Community Darkroom in Syracuse, NY and the Visual Studies Workshops where he is currently pursuing an MFA.