Eva Heyd, "Winter in Queens", 1998, 2-D hanging piece: plexiglass, duratrans, silver gelatin print, 34x39".

Eva Heyd, “Winter in Queens”, 1998, 2-D hanging piece: plexiglass, duratrans, silver gelatin print, 34×39″.

Eva Heyd

Eva Heyd lives in Middle Village, NY, was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and works as a professional photographer for museums, galleries, artists, and art collectors in NYC. Her work has been displayed at galleries in New York City, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Warsaw, and Seattle, and is included in the book The Art of Enhanced Photography – Beyond the Photographic Image, J. Luciana & J. Watts, 1999.  Of her piece, Curtain, Heyd writes: You can watch a little girl growing out of her simple and comfortable shoes. She is still equipped with the basic natural shell of innocence. Yet curiosity and inner intuitions are already there. She is entering the hard stronghold of everyday … the curtain, shading her childhood, is slowly rising. For Winter in Queens she muses: Living in Middle Village, Queens – still a part of a rumbling city, just a few minutes from its pulsating center and yet an enclosed, resting enclave of English Tudor and Italian houses with tiny gardens. You are deeply touched by fresh quiet mornings. It is snowing, everything outside frozen and motionless… it is a time when one stays in dark, black-and-white memories.