Emily Gilbert, "Soufflé", 2007, digital photograph, 20 x 30”

Emily Gilbert, “Soufflé”, 2007, digital photograph, 20 x 30”

Emily Gilbert

(Hartwick College)

To some people, my photographs of food may seem like images of excess or gluttony, and to others, they may seem like images of food, plain and simple. To me, these photographs are much more than just food ,  they are self portraits; after all, as the saying goes, we are what we eat. These images present different facets of myself , the eye-catching packaging and displays, the delicious plates full of food, the destruction after a meal is finished. They embody my personal memories and show the viewer little slices of my life that I found significant enough to preserve.

Emily Gilbert is a graduating undergraduate senior at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. Emily studies photography and graphic design. She has work as a Graphic Design Intern at Libertine Magazine in New York City and as a freelance graphic designer during her summer breaks. Her travel photography has been featured in Russian Magazine and on Schmap.com.