Eileen Carpenter, Economic Package, 2008, archival pigment print, 34x24"

Eileen Carpenter, “Economic Package”, 2008, archival pigment print, 34×24″

Eileen Carpenter

(SUNY New Paltz)

My work explores the break in relationships and loss of communication that happens as we enter adulthood, from college to the real-world. It addresses that moment when we slip from friends to acquaintances, lovers to enemies, family to strangers. My project highlights these changes in our relationships. The narratives that develop in my photographs are a representation of real life experiences. Each piece in this body of work is a sentence from a book, a clip from a movie. The viewer will understand part of the relationships that are taking place, but they will ultimately have to fill in the rest. In my work I take private experiences and make them public, allowing my audience to relate to the loss and rejection felt in the image.

Eileen M. Carpenter is an undergraduate student at SUNY New Paltz. Eileen has been photographing since high school. She was inspired to start exploring this medium by her grandfather and father. In 2005 she enrolled at SUNY New Paltz, but had not yet decided on choosing photography as her major. In 2007 she applied for the BFA in Photography. She is currently finishing up her thesis and is graduating in May. While attending the university she has worked at local Hudson Valley publication Chronogram as a photographer and designer. She has worked as an assistant to local photographer Mike McGregor. Although the future is somewhat uncertain for Eileen, she is sure that she will pursue a career in photography and/or graphic design.