Ed Templeton, "Untitled (Bloody Nose)", 2006, color photograph, 10 ½ x 15”, courtesy of Roberts & Tilton, Culver City, CA

Ed Templeton, “Untitled (Bloody Nose)”, 2006, color photograph, 10 ½ x 15”, courtesy of Roberts & Tilton, Culver City, CA

Ed Templeton

Perhaps no young contemporary artist today captures the insecurity, pain, fearlessness and innocence of youth better than Ed Templeton. A California native, Templeton grew up (and still resides) in the suburbs of Orange County, California. His works tell the story of a disaffected youth set against the picture perfect landscape of the tract housing and sub-divisions of this region.  Templeton is entirely self-taught.  As a teenager, he learned the story of art from studying illustrations he would find in books in his local shopping mall. It would be a mistake, however, to label him an outsider artist. He is well aware of what he is doing, and after years of studying his craft he has become quite savvy.

Templeton is already a minor celebrity among legions of young fans due to his success as a professional skateboarder, and this has allowed him a rare insider’s view into the unique and sometimes wild lives of his subjects. He still spends a good majority of his time on tour with his team, traveling the world and documenting his adventures. His museum installations almost always take the form of life-size journals, which include paintings, photographs, sculpture, works on paper as well as pages torn from sketchbooks and other random detritus from the artist’s life.

Ed Templeton was born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA. In addition to making photographs, collages, drawings, Templeton has been competing on international tours as a professional skateboarder since the early 1990s.  Templeton began his artistic career by painting the graphics for his skateboard company, Toy Machine. Ed Templeton is a featured artist of “Beautiful Losers”, a touring art exhibit, collected art book and feature documentary film, which includes the work of various contemporary artists. His work has been exhibited in numerous  shows internationally including solo shows at such venues as S.M.A.K. in Gent, Belgium; Tim Van Vaere Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium;, Colette, in Paris, France; Modern Art in London; Space 1026 in Philadelphia; Alleged Gallery in NYC; and at Roberts & Tilton in Culver City, CA, where he is represented.  A book of his artwork and life, Deformer, was recently published by Damiani.