Doug Holden, "Ball", 2003, Two Channel DVD.

Doug Holden, “Ball”, 2003, Two Channel DVD.

Doug Holden

in The Gift Nabakov writes about his main character, Fyodor, who is reading a book by Suhoshchokov who writes about Pushkin,

“The triple formula of human existence: irrevocability, unrealizability, inevitability …” –

these three: irrevocability, unrealizability, inevitability, are what I’d like to somehow say with eloquence.

about play:

If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.Play is fun, always.

Play is insanity.

Play is unafraid.

To play is to defy death.

– Doug Holden, 2005

An artist versed in video, intaglio, 35mm and large format photography, lost wax bronze foundry, as well as drawing and painting, Doug Holden earned his MFA in Imaging and Digital Arts in 2004 from the University of Maryland at Baltimore and his BA from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. He has presented exhibits, screenings, and performances at the University of Maryland, the Baltimore Contemporary Museum, Prince George Community College in Maryland, and the Theatre Project in Washington D.C. Holden has worked as a fine art preparator, exhibitions installer, and videographer at the Center for Art and Visual Culture, was an artist/educator with Learning Through an Expanded Arts Program (LEAP), and assisted artist Nova Noah with the Ark Project, retrofitting a potato farm into grounds for art. Holden has traveled extensively and is currently living in Seoul, Korea.