Deborah Bay, “Facing Timeless Time”, 2007, from the series “Metaphysics 10101”, Lightjet print, 18×24”

Deborah Bay

This series wanders through the borderlands of reality and imagination as we negotiate the new terrain of ubiquitous computing. With the magic of virtual alchemy, a few mouse clicks unmoor us from the limitations of reality and send us sliding seamlessly across multiple digital frontiers. At the same time, the virtual increasingly spills over into the concrete world creating its own reality.

In constructing these images, I tried to evoke the lure of other worlds and to suggest some of the dimensions of digital reality — warped concepts of concepts of time and distance, juxtapositions of scale and abstract geographies charted out of ether. Hints of an unknown dread sometimes shadow whimsy. Tabletop constructions, street scenes, and domestic interiors were blended with fragments of 19th and 20th century industrial hardware and contemporary electronic hardware. Almost all of the backgrounds were shot in and around the Woodstock area during my residency and then digitally combined with other elements.

Deborah Bay (Houston, TX) constructs imagined realities that consider the impact of technology on contemporary society. Her current work is based on composite imagery that explores the borderlands between reality and the digital imagination. She uses juxtapositions of scale, time and place to create alternate spaces amid unexpected terrains. Bay holds a BA, MA, and PhD, all from the University of Texas at Austin and has studied photography at the Art Institute of Houston, Rice University, Glassell School of Art, and at Lamar University with Keith Carter. She has recently participated in group exhibitions at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA; Highland Gallery in Marfa, TX; Loyala University, Chicago, IL; and the Women’s Institute in Houston, TX. She will be featured in a three-person show at the Galveston Arts Center during Fotofest 2008. Her work is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts. She currently sits on the board of directors at the Houston Center for Photography. Bay was an Artist-in-Residence at CPW in 2006.