Blue Whisper, 1994, 20 x 24", C-Print

Blue Whisper, 1994, 20 x 24″, C-Print

Davis & Davis

Much has been said about the impossibility of romantic love in modern life. The threat of AIDS and societal changes wrought by the sexual revolution leave little room for romance as experienced by previous generations. In the series Modern Romance, we use humor and implied narrative to investigate issues such as identity, dependence, power, and trust, and how they impact contemporary relationships between the sexes. The images are of staged performances with the artists playing the roles of ‘Everyman’ and ‘Everywoman’. These photographs suggest that something has gone awry within the context of a clichéd situation and often mock the way mass media define men and women’s roles.

The collaborative team made up of Denise and Scott, based in Van Nuys, California, have been working together since 1995. They have exhibited in almost fifty shows including The Fragmented Body: Violence or Identity? at California State Polytechnic University, Surrealism and Neo-Narrative at Long Beach Arts, and Convulsive Beauty and Its Discontents at California State University, Long Beach. Their work has been discussed in Artweek, Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, and Chicago Sun Times. Davis & Davis photographs are in private and public collections nationwide.