David Webster, "The Six Sacred Positions of Buddha", 1995 X-ray, film, wood, and plexi

David Webster, “The Six Sacred Positions of Buddha”, 1995 X-ray, film, wood, and plexi

David Webster

I began using x-rays in the mid eighties. I soon found that I needed to make my own, so I began to collaborate with a radiologist in his clinic in Paris. The results are a large series of light boxes and photographs that show hands and feet as symbols of language and metaphor. Here in the Six Sacred Positions of Buddha the positioning of the hands depict philosophical thought by the suggestion of nuanced gests rather than written text.

David Webster, originally from Ohio , earned his MFA from Yale University . He has shown his work at the Baltimore Museum of Contemporary Art in MD, the Pittsburgh Art Center in PA, the McKee Gallery in NY, the Galerie Pierre Lescot in France , the Museum of Modern Art in Russia , the Salon de Montrouge in France , the Islip Art Museum in NY, and PS 1 in NY. His imagery resides in numerous private and public collections including the Centrum Commerce Center in Dallas , HBO, Frito-Lay, AFA Financial, Orangina, and the French Embassy in Warsaw, San Francisco, and Hanoi.