Darren Clark, Glory Hole Series, Gelatin Silver, 5 1/2x4", 1993

Darren Clark, Glory Hole Series, Gelatin Silver, 5 1/2×4″, 1993

Darren Clark

Artist Statement

(Tucson, Arizona) stages scenes of sexual activity; his black-and-white photographs of the Glory Hole series depict homosexual acts in public restrooms. Clark shoots with a 16mm movie camera, using the individual film frames that result as negatives to print his photographs. Small, grainy, and cropped to exclude telling details such as faces, these pictures recreate the experience of peephole voyeurism. While drawn from the artist’s own experience, the resulting images are neither clearly documentary nor slickly idealized like commercial pornography. Rather they are moody and anxious portrayals of urgent yet furtive actions. An immediate and loaded content is made enigmatic by Clark’s treatment.

Artist Bio

Darren Clark grew up in Southeastern Idaho and has strong feelings about the landscape and inhabitants of the region. He earned an MFA in photography from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, where he investigated the relationship between the natural and cultural geography of the region. He is currently photographing the landscape of The Snake River Plain of Idaho and is particularly interested in the structures and landscape associated with irrigation and agriculture. He divides his time between photographing, birding, fly-fishing, teaching, and his family. Darren, his wife Susan, and their three sons currently live in Rexburg, Idaho where Darren teaches photography at Brigham Young University-Idaho.