Dana Hoey, Beware Little Foxes, C Print, 10x9", 1995

Dana Hoey, Beware Little Foxes, C Print, 10×9″, 1995

Dana Hoey

Artist Bio

(New Haven, Connecticut) enacts and photographs tableaux of unexplained aggression between young women. Her large-format color prints show girls caught in strange scenes of implied violence, fraught with sexual tension. Seemingly innocuous acts — having lipstick applied by an unseen person, or arguing in a bathroom — take on an aura of impending bloodshed. Two girls in bras in the backseat of a car suggest a film still; their glances and hand gestures evoke Mannerist allegories, but the key to unlocking the meaning of the image is lost and unrecoverable. Hoey’s staged pictures refer to cinematic conventions of representation and narrative but deliberately sidestep the confines of specific meaning, leaving them in a discomfiting and hysteric limbo between theatricality and psychological revelation.