Cole Barash, "Jake Welch, Irvine, CA", 2008, Digital C-Print, 30x40"

Cole Barash, “Jake Welch, Irvine, CA”, 2008, Digital C-Print, 30×40″

Cole Barash

This photo of Jake Welch is part of the project, “Snowboarding: A Sub-Culture”. Through this project I want to portray the travel (200 plus days a year on the road), long cold days (in search of perfect snow), the behind the scenes stories, and portraits of the progressive youth involved who drive this sub-culture/ In this portrait of Welch I wanted to portray intensity with mystery. This is an ongoing project begun in 2008, which I hope to realize as a book project.

At the age of thirteen, Cole Barash had begun to define his vision of the world through the lens of a camera. Now 21, Cole has made work both personal and commercial that depicts the nomadic culture of snowboarding as few have before. From documentary work to magazine covers to international advertising campaigns, he continues to hone his creative vision both as a professional photographer and a student of the creative process.