Christa Parravani, "The Beachcombers", 2003, from the series "Kindred", digital C-print, 40x50”. Courtesy of Foley Gallery, NYC.

Christa Parravani, “The Beachcombers”, 2003, from the series “Kindred”, digital C-print, 40×50”. Courtesy of Foley Gallery, NYC.

Christa Parravani

This image is from a series titled “Kindred”, which was made with Christa Parravani’s identical twin sister Cara beginning in the winter of 2003 and continuing through 2004. The landscapes become the medium for the telling of their fractured relationship. The two of them play out a drama that is both personal and familial. Here, identity is malleable and the past and the present merge to create an all encompassing reality. The photographs explore underlying themes of childhood, narcissism, sexual confusion, and family romance that identify a singular path, individuality, and separate lives. The images are intended to be painterly, lush, and sexual while still remaining broken and tangled. The series questions the relationship between the viewer and the viewed and confronts the audience with stark questions about the dynamic relationship between subjects, viewer, and photographer. Parravani is the author of the images and the subject at the same. She is both the viewer, the viewed, and inserts a large amount of control over the image while also losing control by making herself vulnerable.

Christa Parravani (Brooklyn, NY) received her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Visual Art from Columbia University in 2003. She has had solo shows at Sara Tecchia Roma (NYC), 31 Grand Gallery (Miami, FL), Hosmer Art Gallery (Northhampton, MA), and Alberto Caputo Gallery (Hudson, NY). Her work has been exhibited in group shows at the Center for Photography in Woodstock (Woodstock, NY), Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Photo London 2004 (London, England), and Paris Photo 2004 (Paris, France) among others. Her work has been reviewed and featured in various publications including The Boston Globe, French Photo, Vision Magazine China, The New York Times, Time Out New York, the Brooklyn Record, and Crowd Magazine. Christa is also the recipient of the MacDowell Fellowship of 2006 and 2005, the Mortimer Frank Memorial Travel Fellowship in 2003, and the Columbia University Teaching Fellowship in 2003. Her memoir, entitled Her, will be published by Henry Holt and Co in March 2013.