Chloe Potter, "Untitled (deer)", 1999, C-print.

Chloe Potter, “Untitled (deer)”, 1999, C-print.

Chloë Potter

These photographs explore aspects of human nature such as jealousy, loss of innocence, and violence, which all find symbolic expression in fairy tales. By constructing new narratives which combine common themes and rearrange the traditional placement of female characters in fairy tales, a contradiction occurs that uncovers an intricate web of deeply rooted signifiers. This series addresses the conflict of idealism clashing with reality, and the confusion of identity that has developed with the transition of myths from actual ”old wives tales” to today’s romanticized adaptations.

Chloë Potter, who lives in Ledyard, CT, studied photography at Bard College and in Paris France with the Parsons School. Her images have been exhibited at the Arcade Gallery in Providence, Viridian Gallery in NYC, and at the Alternative Museum in NYC.