Catherine Day, ""Family History: The Snake", from "Georgia Reliquaries", 2003, gelatin silver print w/ mixed media & wood.

Catherine Day, “Family History: The Snake”, from “Georgia Reliquaries”, 2003, gelatin silver print w/ mixed media & wood.

Catherine Day

Every summer of her life, Catherine Day goes to visit family in the area of Georgia where her Mother was born and raised. The work in this show is part of a series capturing her family’s history and lore – bits of the lives of family members and the places they lived. These reliquary tableaus are drawn from Medieval European venues in which a sacred bit of a Saint or Holy figure is incorporated into and highlighted in a finished entablature. The concept has been reshaped here: stories told and histories heard assume an awe inspiring, near reverential stature. The physical bits of places and people referenced also hold the same high position and are presented in a sacred fashion.

Catherine Day holds a BFA from Stephens College, and lives and works near Washington, D.C. in McLean, Virginia. She has shown her work in over three dozen exhibitions including “Story Tellers: Artists as Authors at the Lexington Art League in Kentucky”, “American Landscapes” at the Circle Gallery in Maryland, “Latent Images” at the Alberta Art Pavilion in Oregon, “A Sense of Place: Continuity and Change in the New South” at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art in Georgia, “Plastic Fantastic” at E3 Gallery in NYC, and the “Magic Silver Show” at the University of Northern Iowa. Her work is included in both private and public collections nationally.