Caroline Tse, "David #2", 2000, Gelatin Silver Print.

Caroline Tse, “David #2”, 2000, Gelatin Silver Print.

Caroline Tse

“Hide me inside you where the sweetest things are hidden, between the roots of roses and spices.” – A.C. Swinburne

For this series I was interested in celebrating the body and revealing unseen moments of messiness and grace. David is an exquisite, intelligent dancer who embodies the elusive and seemingly effortlessly integration of body and spirit. He was kind enough to allow me to photograph him in a friend’s loft. What has emerged is an unexpected document of solitude, sensuousness, and self-assurance that he emotes and generously shares. My appreciation to Mary for her participation in this collaborative effort.

Caroline Tse, of New York City, has studied at New York University, Dartmouth College, and has taken workshops with Keith Carter and Sally Gall. A Canon Scholarship recipient, Tse has shown her photographs at Greenwich House Music School and the Mercer Gallery, both in NYC.