Caleb Ferguson, "Kaaterskill Falls", 2010. Digital C-Print, 5x7"

Caleb Ferguson, “Kaaterskill Falls”, 2010. Digital C-Print, 5×7″


During his residency at CPW, Caleb Ferguson visited several small towns in upstate New York, each of which were centered around a “Main Street.” He sought to reveal the changes that small towns have endured over the last fifty years, through photographs and interviews of residents. Having made countless road trips to the Catskill region over the years, and now calling the Hudson Valley home, he still feels as if he is just scratching the surface of this subject.

Caleb Ferguson is an independent photographer based in the Hudson Valley. He is an avid outdoorsman, drinks too much coffee, and travels as often as possible. He primarily works as a photojournalist and his photographs have been published by numerous publications, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. In addition, Caleb has produced multiple photo essays for the Global Oneness Project and his work on the Occupy Movement has been exhibited by the International Center of Photography (NYC) as well as the Greene County Council on the Arts (Catskill, NY). Caleb prefers mountains to cities but finds himself split equally between the two.

Caleb Ferguson was a CPW Artist-in-Residence in 2012.