B.A. Bosaiya, "Under the Softest Fur Lies the Sharpest of Bones", 2005, archival Giclee

B.A. Bosaiya, “Under the Softest Fur Lies the Sharpest of Bones”, 2005, archival Giclee

B.A. Bosaiya

We have come to see the world as devoid of mystery, but with these images I hope to restore some sense of wonder about the world around us. There was once a greater sense of mystery in the world ‑ sailors of long ago would tell tales of mysterious beasts in uncharted areas of the flat Earth. Hand-drawn maps had vast areas marked as ‘Unknown’ and the darkest corners were marked with the wondrous phrase, “Here there be Dragons.” 

Those days are gone now and the deep, dark secret places exist for us only inside our minds and in our imaginations. These photographs ask viewers to examine their interior lives and the secrets within themselves. Acting as a mirror into the viewer’s unconscious mind, I want the images to encourage people to become aware of the mystery and beauty of the world around them.

Originally from Buffalo, NY and now based in Renton, WA, photographer B.A. Bosaiya has exhibited at the Barrett Art Center inPoughkeepsie, NY, Dangen Art in Nashville, TN ; the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO; and the Lake George Arts Festival. His work has been published on the covers ofWormwood, Saffron and Brimstone, Shrouded by Darkness, Capital Offenses – Literary Roadas well as in the publications International Journal of Black and White Photography, Ascent Aspirations Poetry Journal, Outsider Ink Magazine, and Large Format Journal.