Ayala Gazit, "Amit", 2010, from the series "Was It A Dream", archival pigment print, 24x20"

Ayala Gazit, “Amit”, 2010, from the series “Was It A Dream”, archival pigment print, 24×20″

Ayala Gazit

I was born in Israel in 1984 and raised by an American mother and an Israeli father. When I was 12 years old, my father told me that I had an older brother named James who lived in Australia. As I was uncomfortable being the eldest grandchild on both sides of my family, I became obsessed with the possibility of having an older brother. I never had the chance to meet James; he committed suicide in October 1996. I received a Tierney Fellowship which enabled me to travel across Australia to meet James’ family, who thankfully accepted me as one of their own. By photographing what is “un-photographable,” by following the traces and echoes of his existence even after his passing, this work is my attempt to create a portrait of the brother whom I will never meet.

Originally from Israel, Ayala Gazit (New York, NY) received her BFA from The School of Visual Arts in 2009. Her work has been exhibited both nationally at venues such as Wix Lounge, B1 Gallery (both in NYC), and internationally in Israel at the Jabo Gallery, and Gallery 8, among others. She has been featured in a variety of publications including The New York Times Magazine, Weston Magazine, and The Upper East Side Magazine. Gazit is the recipient of Tierney Fellowship and the IED Venice Biennale Award, both in 2009.