“Traci”, 2014, 8×8”, edition of 2, iPhone Aluminum Print



As a photographer, I’ve slowly sensed the growing anachronistic feelings towards traditional photography. It can be analyzed that the start of this shift came with the advent of digital photography and the computer software used to process and edit digital images. Our current generation of photo technologies has brought us the camera phone. This new kind of photography, as with the invention of the first digital camera, has created (at times heated) discussion about photography’s future.

I align myself to no particular side, especially when considering ‘professional’ and/or ‘fine art’ forms of photography. Though I consider myself a loyal film photographer, by virtue of the medium’s aesthetic and process, I find myself seduced by my camera phone as another tool to extend my practice. My great intrigue with smartphone photography is the ever changing nature of capturing, experiencing, sharing and representing. Considering these elements, and the historical use of tintype photography, I came up with the idea of making the camera phone image a precious artifact.

My goal for this project is to experience human contact and expression, which photography already allows me, and tether the communicative elements of mobile media to an otherwise standard portrait: the who, where, what were you doing and who were you possibly doing it with.

My subjects are persons from my Facebook friends list. Due to the nature of social media in the internet age I could know the individual very well, very little, or have never met them at all. Taking the portrait involves very little time as my phone application does the tintype stylizing for me. I then have the images professionally printed on aluminum with a silver finish in an attempt to further antique the look of the portrait.

In the end I hope to have extracted the person from their social media persona to create an honest portrait that looks how they felt to me during my time with them.

Ash LaRose has exhibited most recently at the PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT, and in a solo exhibition in 2011 4 Days in Texas; DESIGNHAUS, Burlington, VT. Her work has been published in No Thoughts Magazine and F-Stop Magazine #46. Most recently she was an Artist-in-Residence at New City Galerie in Burlington, VT and recipient of Fool’s Gold Artist Grant 2014.