Art Murphy, "Under QB", 2002, digital c-print on color metallic paper, 24x20.

Art Murphy, “Under QB”, 2002, digital c-print on color metallic paper, 24×20.

Art Murphy

I am drawn to the urban landscape, particularly the uninhabited urban landscape. It is there that I find moments of quiet and solitude despite the density of human activity. Man’s footprint, though, is inescapable at every turn. The architectural and mechanical structures have an intrinsic beauty, whether they are shiny and new, or succumbing to the stresses of overuse and age. They speak to ingeniousness as much as they describe inevitable deterioration. At times wistful, at other times powerful, there is an underlying stasis, a mandala-like quality that springs from the mass of potential and kinetic energies.

Art Murphy / From digital printmaking for Robert Frank to photography assignments for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art Murphy has long been involved in the production of evocative imagery. Along the way, his commercial photography work has taken him into corporate boardrooms, welfare hotels, political campaigns, the homes and workplaces of celebrities, and the lives of ordinary people. In the early ’90s, Art transferred his attention to the world of digital imaging. An advocate of the “digital darkroom,” Art now works in the areas of architectural and location photography. He is currently involved in a photographic study of the industrial archaeology of Troy, NY and its surrounding communities. He has shown his work in “Taking Liberties – 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty” a national traveling group show and the “Inaugural Exhibition” at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.