Anne Arden McDonald, “Body of Cells”, from the “Body in Transformation” series, 2006, gelatin silver photogram, 103×50″

Anne Arden McDonald

“The Body in Transformation’ is a series about the body and its relationship to the person who lives in it, as a location of evolution and change. I consider the many lenses through which we can see the body, the complex layers of which all exist simultaneously. The silhouette I use comes from an outline of my body, so the figures are all life-sized, at 50 inches wide and 8-12 feet tall. I developed a number of new processes for this project to illustrate different aspects of the body, such as building a body out of glue, and then digging down to the photo paper with developers and fix to create an image on the paper. I also made contact prints of objects, made images on the photo paper with powdered bleach, and burned a line around the nude figure to expose the paper and create a shadowy image. I tested 80 medicines, spices and household cleaners and painted them onto photo paper. Some of these bodies were made in the dark and some in daylight, some processes are additive and others are reductive. I am now taking these processes and using them to make a series of images about circles and spheres, meant to represent planets and atoms, to visualize the macrocosm and the microcosm of life.

Anne Arden McDonald was born in London, England and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She currently teaches at Parsons, the New School of Design. She has had solo exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Center (Abilene, TX), the American Cultural Center (Prague, Czech Republic), Gallerie 2.14 (Laon, France, Cave Space, the Queens Museum, and the Camera Club of New York, (all in NYC), among others. Her work is in the collections of the Bibliotheque Nationale, the Houston Museum of Fine Art, the Detroit INstitue of Art, and the Brooklyn Museum, among others. McDonald’s work has been published in numerous periodicals internationally, including in Aperture Magazine, Shots Magazine, the L.A. Times, and ART NEWS, among others.