Allen Bryan, "Tea Party", 2007, from the series "Comforts of Home", pigment print, 12x32”

Allen Bryan, “Tea Party”, 2007, from the series “Comforts of Home”, pigment print, 12×32”

Allen Bryan

These images are part of my series Comforts of Home. The cyclical and transitory nature of lives and the environment are revealed by the minute details of objects in and around living spaces. These images are stories about lives in flux. The viewer is invited to voyeuristically walk into and through these disquieting panoramas, examine the personal belongings of a phantom occupant who may return at any moment. These are unsettling spaces – not meant for habitation. There is a precarious balance between inside and outside space intruding on each other. As with a stage set or movie, there is impending activity. Time becomes an active element in this series as the viewer wanders around uncovering a story.

Allen Bryan (Saugerties, NY) is a photographer and artist also specializing in “tabletop” products such as jewelry, pottery, glassware, home and clothing accessories for advertising, catalogs and portfolios. His work has appeared in many magazines, books and newspapers including Town and Country, American Craft, Ornament, Lapidary Journal, Ceramics Monthly, Niche, American Style, Crafts Report, Hudson Valley, Catskill Region Guide, Kingston Freeman, Woodstock Times as well as hundreds of catalogs, postcards and ads. Since 1995, he has been exhibiting fine art prints of his personal body of work involving the landscape and the effect of people upon it.