My work consists in creating representations of an everlasting, perfect place. The constant interest in a peaceful realm is exteriorized mainly in my drawings but also in my photographic projects.  The investigation and process foment not only the idea of a perfect world, also share a reality that become a possibility of acceptance. Following the concept of floral explosion series, Spirit Flow portrait the sense of urgency of refreshing fountains of life . This project was installed in Center for Photography at Woodstock, NY with real flowers picked up by community members and man-made objects.

Puerto Rican artist Ricardo Morales Hernandez works in a variety of media including photography, collage, poetry, painting, video, music and drawing. He holds a BA in Social Science. Ricardo has also been awarded residencies from the Fundación Karvaz Grant, Spain; New England Biolabs Foundation, Boston; and The Puerto Rico Culture Institute, among others. His work had been exhibited in Europe, the United States and in Latin America.