Amanda Chestnut



Amanda Chestnut’s work focuses on the representation of history, how information is preserved, and how the history of race and gender have come to impact modern narratives. Text is used to remind the viewer of the history of the language, to capitalize on current events, and to critically examine popular discourse. Archival photographs and stories combine with contemporary imagery and the artist’s narrative to connect socio-political history with personal history. In many brief books, archival photography and emphemera combine with poetry and periodical text to convey the history, the emotion and the lasting impact of historic events. The bookworks are representative of two years of work within the Soibelman Syndicate News Agency Archive at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York.



Amanda Chestnut holds an MFA in Visual Studies from The College at Brockport, SUNY. She has been exhibited throughout New York and was an artist in residence at the Center for Photography at Woodstock in 2015.